Dustin’s Demos

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to produce a number of different projects in front of the camera/microphone. From standups, to packages, to desk reads and more, this is where you can see my talents unfold before your very eyes.

I’ve broken this page up into the various types of demo material that I have produced so that you can view what you’re most interested in. If the work that I’ve done has tickled your fancy, feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or job opportunities that you may have.

Desk Reads:
Do you want a sports anchor or a news anchor? Pick your poison, or take both!

Play By Play:
At the 56th Annual Whataburger High School Basketball Tournament, I had the good fortune of making this incredibly exciting call. I’ll be adding more examples of my work on the call later, but enjoy this for now.

I covered the 1st annual Burger Fest Dallas in Deep Ellum last September (9/21/2013). Warning: Do not watch on an empty stomach.

Creativity and a sense of humor? Check and check.

Sports, burgers, and witches. Okay, the last one is a work of fiction, but still believable. Don’t you think?