Which Way Do We Go Jerry? Which Way Do We Go?

We heard the rumblings yesterday that the Cowboys were focusing in on the Chiefs CB Brandon Carr as a free agent solution to the secondary issues that helped sink the 2011 season.

Now we hear that Jerry might also have eyes on Tennessee’s Cortland Finnegan to double up on free agent secondary help.

Combine all of this with the news straight from the GM that the Cowboys are looking at going after a pass rusher in the early rounds, and you gather that the Boys are in the process of putting all of their eggs in the basket of improving the D in Big D.

Our concern is this. Will a buffed up D be enough to get the Cowboys in the contender conversation, or should they be putting more of an emphasis on fixing the offensive line? Sure, Jerry and JG gave us some nice lip service about the O-line, but we haven’t heard any rumblings about actually doing something about it.

Have YOU? Are we missing something that YOU’VE heard? Let us know.

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