Romo’s Interceptions – Who’s To Blame?

Who’s To Blame?


Here’s my breakdown of each Tony Romo interception thrown on the season and if it’s the QB, someone else, or shared blame.


Week 1 vs. Giants:

1     It’s 3rd and 8 from the Dallas 40 in the 2nd quarter and neither team is on the scoreboard. Tony Romo takes the snap out of the shotgun formation and scans the field. He spots Kevin Ogletree over the middle, but doesn’t notice Michael Boley. Boley jumps in front of Ogletree for the easy interception and near pick 6. – Romo 1


Week 2 vs. Seahawks:

1     It’s 2nd and 10 from the Seattle 24 and the Cowboys are in desperate need of points to swing the momentum of a dreadful start that has them down 10-0. Romo takes the snap from center and moves to the right side of the hash marks. He sees Jason Witten running open back to the other side of the field and tries to complete an ill-advised pass to him. The funny thing is that it isn’t the man covering Witten that makes the interception, but Dez Bryant’s man. It would seem Bryant has run the wrong route. That is unless Garrett has designed a play that is intended to bring to receivers to the same spot in the middle of the field (highly unlikely). Romo makes a risky throw, but if Dez runs the proper route then his man isn’t there to make the pick. I blame half of this on Romo and half on Dez. – Romo 1.5


Week 3 vs. Tampa:

1     The Cowboys have the ball to start the game and are in danger of going 3 and out. It’s 3rd and 15 from the Dallas 15. Romo attempts to complete a pass to Miles Austin around the 31 that would be enough for a 1st down. The pass never gets to Austin because Aqib Talib has broke in front of Miles for a great interception. Once again though, it appears that Dez Bryant has run the incorrect route. Talib is covering Bryant on the play, and it’s safe to say that he would not have been in a position to make such a great play had Dez run the proper route. Should Romo have read that Dez was out of position? Perhaps, so I’ll give Romo half blame once again. – Romo 2


Week 4 vs. Chicago:

1     This is the poster child for Dez hanging Romo out to dry. Dallas is down 3-0 in the 2nd quarter, but things are about to get even worse. Romo recognizes a blitz coming prior to the 3rd and 9 play at the Dallas 21 and signals to Dez to adjust his route accordingly. Dez does not. The result is a pick 6 thrown to Charles Tillman. I can’t give any blame to Romo here. – Romo 2

2     No need for fancy diagnosis. This is a plain screw up by Kevin Ogletree. A 2nd and 12 pass inside the Chicago 20 bounces off of Ogletree’s hands and into the waiting arms of Major Wright. – Romo 2

3     Just as easy as it is to pin the last pick on Ogletree, it’s pretty easy to pin this one on Romo. Dallas has a chance to regain the momentum lost from the second interception after recovering a Jay Cutler fumble at the Chicago 27. It’s not meant to be. Romo feels pressure from Henry Melton (who’s abused Mackenzy Bernadeau) and tries a crazy flip pass that is returned for a pick 6 by Lance Briggs. – Romo 3

4     Romo is in full on press mode with the Cowboys down 27-10, and his desire to complete a deep pass to Miles Austin prevents him from noticing that D.J. Moore is trailing Austin underneath on the 2nd and 15 play. It’s another easy pick. – Romo 4

5     Some will want to give Romo a pass on the late interceptions thrown in this game, but they aren’t jump balls. They’re just poorly thrown passes by a QB trying to do too much. The fifth pick on the evening by Romo is an underthrown attempt to Ogletree at the Dallas 43. I’d argue that Kyle Orton should have already replaced Romo at this point. – Romo 5


Week 6 vs. Baltimore:

1     This decision and pass is very similar to the interception Romo threw in Week 2 against Seattle. Romo takes the ball out of the shotgun formation on a 3rd and 10 play from the Baltimore 35. Romo sees Ogletree at the 20 and tries to find him for the 15 yard gain and possibly more. As happened in Seattle, he makes a poor pass to the opposite side of the field and into the hands of Cary Williams. The Romo apologist in me is tempted to give him a break because it appears Ogletree stops his route briefly, but it’s a poor decision regardless. – Romo 6


Week 8 vs. Giants:

1     I don’t think that near enough attention has been give to what I see as a clear blown assignment by Phillip Tanner on this play. The Cowboys show that they’re loading up for a run to the left side of the line with Jason Witten and John Phillips lined up on that way out of the huddle, but both TEs move to the right side of the line before the snap. Romo takes the ball from under center and fakes a handoff to his right, but Tanner runs to the left side…along with John Phillips. The result of this mistake is that the Giants safety Stevie Brown doesn’t bite at all on the fake. Mix in a lazy Dez route, and you get a Romo interception that’s returned to the Dallas 27. This is such a colossal failure by two players not named Romo that I simply can’t give him any blame on this interception. – Romo 6

2     The second interception of the game is one that Cowboys great Drew Pearson (on ESPN Radio’s Galloway and Company) said he thought Miles Austin should have been able to knock away. If it wasn’t for Romo’s odd lack of accuracy throughout the game (especially in the first half), then I might agree with him. However, it seems clear looking at the replay that Romo misses his spot on the throw. Instead of hitting Austin in stride for a big gain, the pass drifts over his back shoulder and is intercepted by Corey Webster. – Romo 7

3     Sometimes you have to tip your hat to a great defensive play. That’s the reasoning behind me giving partial blame to Romo for the pick 6 thrown to Jason Pierre-Paul in the 2nd quarter. Could Romo have seen JPP sitting in wait for the swing pass out to Felix Jones? Possibly, but it was undeniably an outstanding play to snag the pass out of the air. – Romo 7.5

4     I find it hard to find any fault with Romo on the fourth and final interception of the day. First of all, it’s 4th and 1. He has to attempt to make a play here or it’s a turnover on downs regardless. Second, the OL gives him very little time in the pocket before he is under heavy pursuit. – Romo 7.5

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